The 9 Best Canned Wines

What’s so wrong about wine in 
a can? I’ve been scratching my head over this for months now. Mention it to someone, and 
the usual response runs the range between “Ew” and “Really?” Of course, that’s 
what people used to say about screw caps—which now account for about 30 percent of all the wine 
produced in the world. (And not just the cheap stuff: In Australia, Penfolds bottles its $500 Bin 707 
Cabernet with a screw cap, albeit a very snazzy one.)

Consider the upsides. Cans are portable and easy to chill—both crucial considerations during the summer months. You can take them places where bottles 
are a pain in the neck, like the beach or an overnight camping trip. You can buy a single serving if 
that’s the sort of person you are (i.e., not me). They’re inexpensive. And they’re environmentally 
friendly: light—hence a low carbon footprint—and with a substantially higher recycling rate than glass.

Source: foodandwine.com

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