Train Your Brain to Not Overreact

The rude person in line behind you at the grocery store, the guy who cuts in front of you in traffic, and the customer service agent who won’t help you with your question all have the capacity to harm your health—but only if you let them. Luckily, you can train yourself to be resilient to their rudeness, and keep yourself from suffering from their behavior.

We are meant to experience acute stress, the short bursts that cause us to undergo a variety of physiological changes that help us navigate that situation. Unfortunately, with our access to global news and information, we are almost continuously exposed to stress, and our systems take it in—as if we were in imminent danger. In her book, Stress Proof, Mithu Storoni, MD examines seven ways that each of us can take charge of our stress response, accessing a powerful tool to take charge of our health.

Source: spiritualityhealth.com


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